Security and threat protection

How is my data protected against loss?
Our databases are backed up daily digitally in encrypted form on both internal servers and external analogue tapes. The data can be restored retroactively for up to six months.
How does the Gira S1 access my network?

The Gira S1 uses the Internet access of the network in which it is a participant and the DNS server to connect to the portal server.

When using the "Search links automatically" function in the Gira device portal, a search for devices in the Gira S1 network is triggered through SSDP.

Are operating systems and applications regularly updated?
Regular updates are carried out, including on individual packages in the event of security vulnerabilities. A standard package manager (APT) for operating system and software updates is used for this.
How are threats identified and eliminated?
Our monitoring system immediately triggers an alarm if our services fail. Special services notify us if security vulnerabilities are detected in third-party components we use. We also carry out regular checks for weaknesses using suitable tools.
How are the security and stability of portal services ensured?

In addition to our own tests, we subject the server system and the Gira S1 to a penetration test once a year by external, specialised testers. The results are evaluated and, if necessary, corresponding measures are derived and implemented.

Certification is also carried out regularly. This is currently done by the VDE.

This test is documented by the “Smart Home Safety Tested” special certificate.

How is login secured?

You need your user name and password to log in to both the Gira device portal and the S1 Windows client for connection between Gira S1 and the portal server.

The password must meet special complexity requirements, which are regularly updated. You can find the current requirements when assigning your password in the Gira device portal.

Two-factor authentication is not yet available at this time.

Data privacy

How is my data protected against misuse?

All data collection and storage is subject to the GDPR, the implementation of which is ensured by internal processes and responsible roles in the company.

Communication via our server is encrypted using the current versions of various protocols:

  1. TLS is used to call the Gira device portal in the browser. HTTPS is enforced here; no unsecured connections are possible.
  2. OpenSSL is used for connection between Gira S1 and the portal server.

Sensitive data such as access data is never saved as plain text and is also masked in log files. This means it cannot be traced by anyone, not even our employees.

Only selected employees can access our servers, databases and logs. Physical access to our server rooms and offices is secured and restricted to certain employees (depending on sensitivity).

What happens in the event of information security incidents?

In the event of an incident such as customer data theft as a result of security vulnerabilities in the components we use, we immediately notify our customers, the responsible authorities and other affected groups.

The security vulnerability will be closed or its impact minimised within 72 hours of the release of a patch or other action by the manufacturer.

Is there a programme for raising awareness of information security?
Yes, Gira raises awareness of data protection among its employees.
Are external analysis tools like Google Analytics used?
No external analysis tools are used in the Gira S1 or Gira TKS IP gateway areas.
Where are the portal servers located and are the data centre operators certified?
All of our servers are located in Germany. Our service providers are certified at least in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001.

Availability and failure safeguarding

How high is the availability of the portal services?
On average, our service availability is 99.9%. This does not include announced outages due to maintenance work. If there are unexpected, server-related outages, the server can be changed at any time within 15 minutes.
What happens in the event of an portal service outage?

If our servers unexpectedly fail (average availability is 99.9%), our standby service is automatically notified. This service will carry out a root cause analysis, troubleshooting, restoration of regular operation and customer support.

For prolonged outages, we will always notify our customers and, if necessary, other affected groups.

General information

How does the portal work? Which systems are involved and what do the data flows look like?
Information on this can be found in the Gira S1 manual and the data privacy statement.
Can the connection be made via a proxy server or is a direct Internet connection required?

To use our services, the Gira S1 must have a direct Internet connection.

Connection via a proxy server is not supported.

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